Slavery is not Dead, Abolish Slavery!

Today I watched 8:46 from Dave Chapelle, amazing.  For me it brought to light my thoughts on modern slavery.  People think slavery is dead.  Slavery is not dead.  People think of slavery as a binary, black and white ownership issue.  Read the following in Dave Chapelle’s best white accent – “I did not get a government registered title for my black person so it cannot be slavery.”  Really?  That definition of Slavery is an outside in perspective, as in how a non-slave would define slavery.  But how would a slave define it, an inside out definition of slavery?  Based on my reading and listening I think it would sound like this:

I am trapped.  I have no options in my life.  No options what I do every day, no options who I associate with, no options to change my life in a material way.  I have to work and I am not compensated for the effort and risks associated with my assigned set of tasks.  Every day I fear for my life from my protectors.

That is how we have to think about slavery, we have to think about slavery by how it is experienced.  That would then change out outside in definition of slavery to something more like:

Modern Slavery:

When one human leverages their power, legal, societal, financial, or physical power, over another human taking advantage of them by extracting more work value from them than their compensation for that work.

Using that definition slavery is not dead.

How many black people are not applying for higher paying jobs because traveling to the job would mean putting themselves at risk of arrest or death?  How many are not applying to jobs because they would have to be the only black person in a room of racists?  How many black people are not going to college because they have to help feed the family?  Or they have been pulled into a gang to protect their family?  TRAPPED

Federal minimum wadge is $10.80 an hour.  What is only worth $10 an hour?  I am guessing you pay your 15 year old babysitter more than that.  Assuming they work full time, 2080 hours a year that is $22,464 yearly income or $21,426 after taxes.  892.75 a pay check.  Unfortunately most minimum wadge jobs are not full time.  Keeping jobs part time makes it easier not to provide healthcare, benefits such as sick leave, or retirement plans.  NOT COMPENSATED

How many black people did not vote because they could not get off work?  How many because they cannot get to a polling location?  How many because media has systemically disenfranchised them?  NO CHANGE

How many black people do not call the police when a crime is actively taking place for fear the police will arrest them, or beat them, or kill them or their children, or their neighbor?  FEAR

That is modern slavery.

Support making systemic change in the black community, stand shoulder to shoulder with the black community in creating Equality.  Equality of Freedom, Equality of Opportunity, and Equality of Happiness.


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