Would John Wayne Facebook About His Kids?

And now for something completely new and different…  Its no secret I just do not understand the social media evolution.  I did not use Facebook until a couple of years ago.  Twitter?  For what.  Blogging, what do I have to say.  I am basically just an old curmudgeon.  Motivated by the vagaries of modern job search, I realized I had to join the modern age.  That is one of the reasons I started blogging.  But still I have a hard time really ‘getting’ social media, I mean here is a sample from my Twitter feeds:

Why do I care?  Why do you care?  Do you really want to know I am drinking a glass of wine?

So I thought about what some of my heroes might look like plugged into social media…

This guy never tweeted about his kids.

Have you ever seen a John Wayne movie?  No chance he ever updated his status with “Little Johnny just got a pea stuck up his nose”  John knows, you had to be there for that one.  If John were going to tweet it would be something like: “Movie critics, what the hell do they know?  My size 10 boot is now hanging out of Eberts ass.”

Marilyn Monroe fotografiert am 01. September 1954 von Matthew Zimmermann

At least she has underwear on, can you imagine if this was Britney?

Marilyn Monroe: “@Janet, so unbecoming, I invented the wardrobe malfunction and compared to mine, yours was LAME!”


James Dean: “Want to go for a ride?”


Jimmy Hendrix: “Had a hard time driving through LA, that purple haze was thick”


Jim Morrison: “@Jimi, you were not driving you were smoking in your apartment with that woman from LA.”


Freud: “@Jim, your mom is from LA so obviously you have an Oedipal complex with latent fantasies about her relating to your friend Jimi.”


Ayn Rand: “@Freud, obviously you fail to recognize there are no complexes people just follow what makes them happy.


OK, hard not to think social media has not matured yet.  As a society we do not need to spend more time in superficial activities we need to spend more time making a difference.  And if you need me to answer, No, John Wayne would not tweet about his kids putting peas up their noses.  Nor would any of the others waste their time with this crap.  Its not that social media has not and will not have an important place in society, look at its role in the middle east.  Its just that in the west we are interested how we compare to our peers.  We are not interested in revolutionary change.  We do not want it, we do not ask for it, and we certainly do not foster it.  Never mind it is the foundation of the American way of life, we would rather laugh about debt ceiling paralysis and not upset our comfortable existence.  Sadly, yes, this goes for me too…  Are you making a difference or just instagraming your lunch?

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