Jack Sparrow

I am Captain Jack Sparrow!

The problem with labels, we begin to identify with them, they become us.  So whenever you find yourself saying “I am” ask yourself what if I did not want that quality to define me any more?  Would I have lived with that identification so long I might not be able to part with it?  I used to say “I am bad with names” until one day being bad with names literally would have put my life at risk.  I will do a post on this later but lets just say after a lifetime of identifying myself as bad with names I was not sure I could easily part ways with that trait and I only had 24 hours to make the change.

So who am I?  Good question.

I have been leading people for a long time now and over the years I found that some of my pedantic ramblings had a big impact on people.  Recently, OK truth is not that recently, like a year ago, one of my teammates, lets call him Kevin, asked me to write down my ramblings so he could remember them.  Sure, I said, and when I sat down to write them out I froze.  It was like a deer in headlights, I could not remember anything interesting I had ever said or thought.  So I sent out an email and asked people I had worked with over the years what they most remembered.  The list rolled in and since everyone hit reply all they got to see things they had not heard before and they asked me to talk about them and I love to talk…

Then Kevin said, dude, why don’t you just write a blog.  Yeah, I have been meaning to do that for years, now is the time.  OK so that was a year ago and I just made my first post.  Why did it take so long?  I guess because I was too busy to invest.  Too busy to invest in people, invest in my friends, invest in my family, invest in me.  Well when you put it like that, maybe now is the time.  Its time for me to publish the best of my content, my best ideas, philosophies, practices, perspectives, and problems to help anyone interested being a better leader, being more visionary, building better teams that really deliver.  If you would like my perspective on any topic, just ask and I will find the time to blog about it.

The real Jack

No seriously, just like Captain Jack, building unconventional teams to accomplish the unexpected.

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