All Lives Matter (BLM)

The title of this post is formatted in an attempt to show people who are saying “All Lives Matter” how their voice is covering up the message Black Lives Matter.  Here is the deal, yes, All Lives Matter and shouting Black Lives Matter does not invalidate that statement.  Unfortunately shouting All Lives Matter does invalidate Black Lives Matter.  By responding to BLM with ALM you are saying people of color do not have a valid claim they are killed more by police.  Here is the deal, it is not a claim but a fact.  A black male is far more than twice as likely to be killed by a police officer than a white male.

So armed with the facts, it is a question of what you choose to do with them.

If you are one of the people saying All Lives Matter I want to validate you, yes all lives matter.  And I want to call on you to to recognize no one is saying your life does not matter.  Your life does matter and is not being threatened.

So I ask you, is now the time to be righteous and shout all lives matter or is now a time to stand in unity for the values of our country equality, opportunity, freedom?  I for one am going to use my voice to amplify the Black Lives Matter Message.  In doing so I can help affect change.  Shout it with me


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