Start Being Great Today

I often talk to individuals and teams about transforming into truly GREAT individuals and teams.  Its a well honed shtick, what got you here will not get you there, what are you doing different today to be exceptional, how will you monitor being great, etc, etc.  I have been espousing on this for years and made only small changes to the shtick.  Today I read an article that really that inspired me to change the shtick, Do You Want to Be Good or Great.

ali the great

What I took away from Grant Cardone’s post is the importance of commitment.  If you want to be great you have to commit to being great.  And really, who wants to just be good?  Its like the girl calling you cute or the guy saying you are sweet, damn, stuck in the friend zone again:-)

So read Grant’s article and commit to being great.  Seriously, make the commitment today since being great works just like compound interest, start early and get the power of time on your side.  Everyday you spend being great increases the slope of your career growth.  Start being great today and go vertical with your career.

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