The Joy of Finding Inspiration in Someone Else’s Awesome

I met Lisa in 2004. This was a low spot in my life, recently divorced, struggling in my career, and financially strained. Despite life being at such a low point, Lisa and I fell in love and later married. As a wedding gift Lisa gave me a present that helped me understand, it was a framed magazine article, literally torn from a magazine called Wellness or some such BS. The title of the article was “Irrepressible”. The card said, “To the most irrepressible person I have ever met, thank you for being the love of my life.” Irrepressibility is the source of awesomeness in everyone Neil is talking about in this video, watch it, you will feel awesome!

Here is the direct TED link if the original post link gets broken…

Nathan G. Freier

I love it when some shows themselves to be truly awesome and makes others around them awesome as a result.  This talk made me feel awesome.

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